Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Batman vs Iron Man Dc Vs. Marvel By David McKinney Jr.

Batman vs Iron Man
Dc Vs. Marvel By David McKinney Jr.

This story is a fictional continuation of “Batman Vs. Superman” the movie.

What you are about to see comes from the ending (My ending) of Batman vs Superman.

Chapter One:
“I watched as Gotham fell in flames. I can’t believe I lost to him. Many did not think I could win, and I didn’t. I only survived…” Batman said.

Just then, Superman flew over the sky. Batman grinned dryly and walked off, controlling his anger.

Five years later, Gotham repaired, and Bruce Wayne healed.

“Alfred look at this...” Bruce said.

“What is it, sir?” Alfred asked. A giant building with the name STARK on it appeared on the screen.

“There’s my REAL competition. Not Superman, but that STARK guy. I’ll head over and ‘talk’ to him.” Bruce said.

“Please don't start a war, sir, we can't afford to pay the damages for Batman's misbehavior,” Alfred begged.
“Don’t worry, I won’t do a thing. It’s him you have to worry about,” Batman comforted.

A few hours later Batman had flew into STARK tower with the Batwing.

“Who are you?” Tony Stark asked.

“I'm Batman.” Batman said.

Chapter two:
Iron man followed Batman. Batman saw him, and blasted a ray gun from the Batwing. Iron man was hit and shot to the ground. While falling, he shot a tracking device at the Batwing. Iron man won that round, and lost at the same time.

“I will come back, and you will be sorry for messing with all of STARK you fool!” Iron man yelled.

Batman looked at his map and realized that there was tracking device, and that the tracking device WAS CONTROLLING THE BATWING! He flew at the batcave at 300 mph and nearly blew up the whole place.

“He will pay, this does mean war,” Batman said.

Just then, Alfred ran in, looking furious also with those “I told you so” eyes.
“What happened? You just started a war, didn't you??!!” Alfred asked.

“Of course, revenge…” Batman said.

“Revenge for WHAT???” Alfred asked.
Batman just looked at him for a moment, then walked away.

This would not be good...