Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sports Night 2014

7th grader Hugo Zevallos live-blogs his experience at the 2014 Sports Night competition. 

I.T Middle School Sports Night
-"Its A Madhouse."-Nicholas Skumpija-
Writer's Log- Sportsnight 2014, November 7th.

SportsNight 2014. The Yearly Competition Against The Red Team, This year as Fire, And The White Team, this year as Ice.  And beginning the is the the pledge, The National Anthem, And A brief thanks to teachers with 9th Graders. Staring the 5th Graders, The Reds won the first part of the Over-under relay. And so the 6th and 7th grades. With the 8th graders, it was one close call to be certain, but they won! 
Now, time for the Relay Race, beginning with the 5th Grade. Now, a Brief Example, The person must run to the end where a poster is resting, and write a letter of the alphabet  on it with a marker, with a slight catch, they must do the alphabet, BACKWARDS, starting with the letter Z First. And...the winner is... RED!!!
So, it seems that Red was a tad bit more faster on this challenge than White was. And now, the Sixth Grade is going... How will this end? Before that, a chant went... It goes"Red! White! Sportsnight!" And it loops. So, now the Sixth Grade is going... and......Just about............NOW!!!
    And now with a twist, the 6th graders have to use a scooter to get there! Let's go Red team! Let's Go! During the challenge, I noticed that there were more Red Team 6th graders than the white, which means that my previous observation was correct with both Fifth and Sixth graders. And the Reds win again! However, with the 7th graders, with the promise to hit a pin or put it back up, lost their relay, their first in the night. With the 8th grade, they had to hop in a potato sack back and fourth. At the beginning, it looked bleak for Red, but a quick turnaround changed that, literally! Even against Big Boy Billy! So, the winner is...RED! 
So now, The next Challenge is Cageball (Volleyball but with a big ball!)! Played between the 7th and 8th Grades (White) and the 5th and 6th grades (Red). And they...BEGIN! Long story short, first time, Red won, second time, Red lost. Now for Tug-o-War, rules are simple, try to pull back the other's team's rope. Sounds like every war before the 15th Century. And the Fifth/Sixth grade girls go first! And the winner is...White. *Sigh* 
Well, now the Fifth/Sixth grade boys care going... and the winner is...White. Again. Well, now it's the 7th/8th grade girls turn, and they lose to White. But the 7th/8th grade boys won! Red Wins! Red has 4 more points than White! And now, CrabSoccer. And we begin it with 5/6 grade girls. And they lose to white, but the 5th/6th grade boys make up for it. But the entire 7/8 grade lost to white. :-(  But, now, the Obstacle course, the final challenge. Starting with the 5 And 6 grades, then the 7/8 graders . And the winners are... White for the 5/6 part. A brief moment and the teams score were tied. Whoever won, might win Sportsnight! NOW for The 7/8 grade part, the Whites won. After that, the dance teams danced the night away. And After that, the final scores and Awards were given out.
Spirit Points-White
Final Win-RED.
RED WON!!!!!!

Hugo Zevallos, 7th Grader