Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Are Chromebooks A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?

Are Chromebooks A Good Idea Or A Bad Idea?
By David McKinney Jr.

I have interviewed several students to see their opinion on Chromebooks. This is what they say:

Thomas Koenig: Horrible Idea.
  • Kids are irresponsible.
  • It gives them the opportunity to play games during class.
Andrew Luewe: Good Idea
  • Everything you need for school is right in your Chromebook.

David Lopez: Good
  • Don’t have to write a lot on paper.
  • Don’t get lots of papers.

Santiago Gutierrez: Bad Idea
  • No point.
  • Instead of Air conditioning in upstairs classrooms, the school is spending money on these Chromebooks.

Daniel Brunie: Good Idea
  • We are going into the Technology age of the 21st century.
  • They are good for learning.

Devyn Chan: Ok Idea
  • Good work for students.
  • Helps teachers trust us.

Essa Laradji: Waste
  • Good in a way, but we could have air conditioning upstairs.
  • We need to stay cool in order to concentrate!
  • Extra: Not all classes use Chromebooks.

So, as you can see, some students think that Chromebooks are a good idea, and some think that it was a bad idea. But both are excellent votes.  

ET: Game Over

ET: Game Over
By Gurshaun Badalia

The famous game company atari made a game called E.T. Extraterrestrial. They had 6 weeks to make it and wanted to release it before christmas,also they had 1 person work on it. Many people hated it and disliked it, people started to return E.T. and they had sold 1.5 million. They had lost 536 million dollars and the gaming company buried the games at Alamogordo New Mexico landfill where the law is that you can’t loot from landfills. They did this since the game was so bad and because of the law they can’t or anybody can loot the landfill so it was safe. People did start to loot and found 728,000 cartridges.

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Presidents are People Too!

Presidents Are People Too!
By Nicholas Isaacs

Everyone usually thinks that the life of a president in the White House is perfect. But it sometimes doesn’t turn out that way! Here are two funny stories about Presidential bathing mishaps.

In the 1820’s during the sixth president’s term, John Quincy Adams the president, went to take a 5am bath, naked, in the Potomac river. Keep in mind, these were the days before the protection of the Secret Service. While President Adams was mid-swim a woman snuck up and sat on his clothes that were on the shoreline. The woman was a reporter and refused to get off his clothes until he agreed to be interviewed by her. Up until that time, no woman reporter had ever interviewed the president.

If you thought that was funny, listen to this! In the 1910’s during the 27th president, William Howard Taft’s term, he went to take a bath in a White House bathtub. But then the unthinkable happened: he got stuck! How did that happen? Well, some of you might not know this, but Taft was actually our largest president, weighing about 320 pounds. Eventually, they were able to get the president out with a crane. And they also installed a new White House tub that could fit 4 average sized men.

So there you go. That is how some presidents’ lives go. I’ll see you all next time!

A Halloween Fright

A Halloween Fright

Today is Halloween, the scariest night of the year, the night when all witches cheer. Tonight is the Wicked Witch Party. Only witches can get in. My sister Armegan and I got on the broom and went off to the Haunted Witch House, where only witches can enter. Just to get in you have to light up a magical crystal that could only be lit with magic.  The only thing is, I'm not a witch like my sister. Before we walked up I fit inside my sister's backpack and she snuck me in. Once we were in, I got out of the backpack before anyone noticed. The party was fun until the games started. There were “Who Could Levitate Objects The Longest”, “Turn Invisible and Go Seek”, and many more - and to play all these games you needed to have magic which I didn't have. I was scared. The games started - first, the levitation game. Mine dropped within two seconds of course, and everyone stared at me. Then Turn Invisible and Go Seek began, and everyone but me turned invisible. So, I quickly went in the closet hoping nobody would find me but I ran out of luck and the seeker found me! They asked why I was not invisible so I came up with a lie. I told them nobody would expect it but they got suspicious. After all the games were over I thought it would’ve been clear I'm wasn’t a witch. But nobody said anything.  This party kept getting scarier and scarier. Next was dinner - surprisingly, all they had was a bagel with Scream Cheese. I didn't want to eat it but I had to so they would think I was a witch. I ate it but ran to the bathroom to spit it out! It was so horrible I was afraid it would scare my taste buds right off my tongue.

Chromebooks : Yes or No?

Chromebooks : Yes or No?
By Kristi Denninger

What’s your opinion on chromebooks? Are they better to learn on with the new technology or are they just another thing to carry around?   

Someone who likes the chromebooks is my teacher Mrs. Hatz, but she interviewed 8th grader Kelly Brennan and Kelly does not like the idea of Chromebooks. Kelly says “Chromebooks are annoying to carry around.” She also says “you can’t print from the Chromebooks so if you need to print a project you can’t print it.” Kelly thinks teachers should give you more time to pack up the chromebooks so you're not rushing to your next class. She would rather stick to paper and pencil instead of the chromebooks.    

Mrs. Hatz, my teacher, thinks the chromebooks are a good idea, and she says, “They are better and easier for the students to keep organized. Also, it is easier for me to watch what they are working on.” Mrs. Hatz also says “it’s easier because students can get instant feedback.” Mrs. Hatz likes the idea of chromebooks and thinks it’s easier than paper and pencils for many reasons.    

So what side are you on? They definitely keep us more organized but are annoying to carry around. It’s definitely something to think about.

By: Kristi