Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Advice Column by Laura Lederer

Need help………
By: Laura Lederer          

Hello!! I will write articles for what to do in tough situations. ( By the way just because I might say he and she does not mean that this could not happen to you.)
  1. Question: You and your friend have been fighting and you want to stop fighting, but they keep being rude to you. You want to still be friends but you do not know how to tell her that without getting into a fight. What should you do?

Answer: Send him or her a note or text apologizing and ask if you can hang out sometime. You could also write an apology on a sticky note, and when he or she is busy in their locker, stick the note on the locker quickly before he or she sees.

2.  Question: There is this this bully in your school and they have been picking on you. They tell you that if you tell on them, then they will make you sorry that you told the teacher anything. That makes you scared. Now you wonder, what do you do?                                                                                                                   

Answer: Don’t be scared. If you tell someone you will NOT regret it. Then if the person is still mean, call up the person's parents and tell them what happened. After that you will feel good because that person is not bullying anyone any more.

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