Sunday, May 15, 2016

Horoscope Column #3: Japanese ABO Blood Types By Sheryl Lin

Horoscope Column #3: Japanese ABO Blood Types
By Sheryl Lin

Hello again! The Horoscope Column is back for another issue on Japanese ABO blood type personalities. The whole idea is that certain blood types have certain character traits and behaviors, common to that specific blood type.

Your ABO blood type is based on what types of antigens you have on your blood cells.
  • Type A has type A antigen and anti-B antibodies.
  • Type B has type B antigens and anti-A antibodies.
  • Type AB has both type A and B antigens, but no antibodies.
  • Type O has no antigens, but has both A and B antibodies.

Blood types are the reason why you can’t receive blood from certain blood types; otherwise the wrong antigens and antibodies will clash and fight to the death! Resulting in your death, as well. But back to the topic - these are the personality traits tied to each blood type:

  • Type A - Type A’s are persistent, rational, cooperative hard workers. They are perfectionists and are very loyal. They are able to complete any challenge and keep everything tidy in a very efficient manner. However, they may be stubborn and are susceptible to getting stressed out.
  • Type B - Type B’s are spontaneous, motivated, independent people. They are wild, creative and optimistic. When Type B’s want something done, they will do it, and they will do it well. But they are also known to be arrogant and irresponsible.
  • Type O - Type O’s are natural leaders and are intuitive, self-reliant, and capable. They are ambitious and sociable. They aren’t afraid to start something new, to talk to people, to stand out from the crowd. But Type O’s may become jealous or overly competitive.
  • Type AB - Type AB’s are cool, controlled, and distant. They are intelligent and thoughtful, as well as being the rarest blood type. They’re the most unusual out of all the blood types, yet they’re also known to be talented. They may be indecisive and aloof.

Does your blood type match with your personality? What do you think?