Tuesday, November 10, 2015

POP CULTURE with Hayley Peck And Kristi Denninger #1

POP CULTURE with Hayley Peck And Kristi Denninger #1

Hello and welcome to our first pop culture post. We will talk about what is going on in the pop culture world like music, celebrities, popular books, fashion, and any other popular thing in the world.

Let's talk about music

The first band we’ve got is:

5 Seconds of Summer       

The band 5 Seconds of Summer just released new songs including “Money“, “Jet Black Heart”, and “Fly Away“. Their new album came out October 23rd. Make sure you get the album soon if you in the 5SOS fam.

Next We Have Fashion This Fall
We are seeing a lot of flannels this fall. Flannels are very big this year and personally I think they are very cute too. Chokers are trending too.

“The Hunger Games Part 2” is coming out November 20th.  
“The Peanuts Movie” is coming out on November 6th.

Popular Books

“The Outsider” by S.E. Hinton is a pretty popular book with students and teachers - and it’s a movie too.

And that is all for today. We hope you like our first post and have a good week Island Trees.

-Hayley Peck and Kristi Denninger