Monday, November 23, 2015

An Interview with Marc Mero

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An Interview with Marc Mero
By: Nicholas Isaacs
Born in Buffalo, New York, Marc Mero was a great athlete from an early age. He was a hockey MVP, played on a New York state championship football team, and won 4 New York State Boxing Titles, including the Golden Gloves. But the world got to know him when in 1991, legendary wrestler Dusty Rhodes signed him to WCW as “Johnny B. Bad.” He was PWI’s Rookie of the year, and would win the WCW World Television Championship 3 times. In 1996, he jumped to the WWF (now WWE) and wrestled under his own name, “Wildman” Marc Mero, winning the Intercontinental Champion. He retired from in ring competition in 2006, and opened his own training institute in Florida, and the following year, began making appearances at schools lecturing on the dangers of drug abuse and bullying.I was lucky to have dinner with Marc before his October 28th Island Trees presentation and he was kind enough to answer my questions.

Q: Who were your heroes when you were growing up?

A: I guess like most young boys, my heroes were sports stars. I loved watching hockey players, like Wayne Gretzky, and basketball stars, like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Q: What wrestling match/ feud was your favorite?

A: I had a couple that I really enjoyed. My favorites were with Diamond Dallas Page, and then with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Q: During your presentation, you offer to keep in contact and answer emails from students. How many emails do you get from students?

A:Depending on how big the school is it varies, usually anywhere from 50 to 200 messages from students.

Q: How many schools have you visited so far?

A: I have been presenting for 9 years and have had over 1,500 events.

Q: Were you more nervous about your first wrestling match or first speech?

A: LOL! Much more nervous walking out in front of students!

Q: In the beginning of your presentation, you joked about becoming a future senator.Were you serious about running for public office?

A: I never say never! Life is about reinventing yourself. Maybe that’s the next big thing I do!

Q: What other goals are still ahead of you?

A: I hope there will be a movie on my life story. They have sent me 2 scripts and I have turned them both down. I want it to be true to my story.

Q: Who would you like to play you in the movie?

A: I was thinking Mark Wahlberg.

Q: I read your first book “How to be the happiest person on the planet.” Any new books in the works?  

A:Yes, I need to get going on a new book!