Thursday, October 9, 2014

Yearbook Available for ALL GRADES!

Angela Oliveri- 7th Grade
Staff Writer

So, the new school year has started and so many memories will be made. What better way to remember them than by getting a yearbook? '

What is so cool about the yearbook is that it has EVERY grade in it. There are so many sections like Halloween, Spirit Week, the Pep Rally, Sports Night, Clubs, Art, Music Workshop, Gym, and so much more. 

Each grade gets their own section, too! It's not just for the 8th grade, anyone could have it. You may see yourself or your friends in it too. 

So go buy yourself a yearbook and in the end of the year, laugh about all the memories you remembered with your friends and fellow classmates. Keep one for every year that you are in the middle school and cherish those memories!

Contact Maureen Martin in the computer room for more information.

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