Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spirit Week

Alyssa Sandez, Staff Writer


Last week, Island Trees had an AMAZING Spirit Week! There were a lot of kids participating and there was a ton of school spirit going around. There were lots of laughs and we had an awesome time. I found that many kids love when we have spirit week. We have a lot of fun expressing ourselves.

 On Monday, it was Jersey Day. 

On Tuesday, it was Spirit Day.

On Wednesday, it was Character Day. 

On Thursday, it was Tropical Thursday. 

On Friday, it was Pajama Day. 

As you have heard, and seen, Spirit Week is very fun. It's the perfect time to show all your school spirit! It is very interesting to see the crazy ideas that people come up with.
My favorite day of Spirit Week was Jersey Day. 

What was your favorite day of Spirit Week?