Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spirit Week 2014

By Emily Jones, Staff Writer


This years spirit week was a fun time for students and teachers. Monday was Favorite Team Day. Many students went all out: painted faces, jerseys, hats, socks, even shoes. We now know that kids and teachers are supportive of their favorite teams. 

Tuesday was Red and White day. Students and teachers went all out showing spirit for the school. Also, our pep rally was on Tuesday. The 7th and 8th grade band did a great job preforming their pep music. They prepared very hard and we cant wait for their concert this winter. All the students had a wonderful time. 

On Wednesday it was Character Day. Students and teachers dressed up as their favorite characters from books and movies. There were many students and teachers that participated. 

Thursday was Tropical Thursday. Many students and staff showed off their grass skirt and their flower necklaces. Students had fun posing for pictures for our school year book. 

Friday was Pajama Day, everyone showed off the comfortable pajamas. Some wore their slippers, held their stuffed animals, and wore their footie pajamas. 

Our teachers who showed the most school spirit was Mr. Cava and Mrs. Bunster. Congrats! And Go Bulldogs!