Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pep Rally 2014

                                                                ITMMS Pep Rally 2014

by Melissa Cunningham- 6th grade
Staff Writer

   There was an explosion of red and white in the gym on October 7, 2014. It was the Pep Rally for Island Trees Memorial Middle School. At the Pep Rally many fun events took place. There were a bunch of red and white balloons, tiny “Number One!” fingers and pompoms flying through the air.                        
  The Pep Rally began with the IT soccer team players names being announced  and they got to run across the gym. Then, the boy’s football team was announced. The football players got to show off their skills by playing a quick 2 minute game.
   Minutes later the ice bucket challenge took place. Dr. Bloom and Mr. Burns participated. As they sat in chairs about to get dumped with freezing cold water; the whole school chanted two words, “Do it!” Dr. Bloom and Mr. Burns had to sit in kiddy pools and they got a freezing cold bucket of water poured over their heads. The whole school raised a total of four hundred dollars for the ice bucket challenge. All together over 115 million Americans raised money for the A.L.S Ice Bucket Challenge. The money Island Trees raised is going to research for A.L.S and is going to be added to the A.L.S Ice Bucket Challenge Donations.

  Most kids dressed in red and white to show school spirit. The Pep Rally was so much fun and kids from 5th grade through 8th grade enjoyed it. The Pep Rally was a time to root for our school and have some school spirit!