Sunday, October 19, 2014

Local Spooky Halloween Houses

I know Halloween is coming up, so here are some houses were you can not only get candy, but get scared, too. 

The first house I recommend is a house on 59 Prentice Road. The owner of the house, our neighbor Bill, has been setting up his house for Halloween for 20 years. He sets up a cemetery on his front lawn, and there are more surprises that you will see. On Halloween he plays spooky music 
 Bill doesn’t just set up his house, he dresses up too! I earlier years Bill has been the Wolfman and a space alien, but now those costumes are part of the setup on his lawn.  I can’t tell you what he is going to be this year, so I guess you’ll have to go there and find out on October 31.

A few blocks away in Hicksville, on Barrister Road, there is a house called “Ye Olde Bone Yard”. In the garage is a rock band of skeletons. On his lawn he has a pirate ship filled with skeletons like the zombies from “Pirates of the Caribbean”. On his porch he has famous movie monsters, like Leatherface, Frankenstein, and Freddie Kruger.      

Driving around, I noticed that a lot of houses have started decorating with orange lights, like the red and green lights at Christmas. These seem to be getting more popular. In past years there were more houses that went all out like the first two I mentioned. Even though there are less of the really good ones, the houses that I mentioned are worth taking a look at. 

Hope you enjoy your Halloween, and you get a nice scare! 

Sam Barcia, Staff Writer