Friday, October 3, 2014

Holy Trinity's Basketball Season Ended with a Horrible 0-12 Season, Hopes to Bounce Back Stronger.

By Ian Silverstein
Bulldog Staff Writer
6th Grade Student
October 1st, 2014
Ian writes of his experience on the Holy Trinity basketball team located in Hicksville, New York. This year, he hopes that they will come back stronger.

The last game of Trinity's last season made it official: they went all defeated. No wins, all losses. They hope to make a major comeback this upcoming season.

This season, they will most likely lose the 6th grader big man, Ricky Petralia. He was a big help on defense, a solid player who was able to get rebounds for Trinity. He was able to make short-range shots, and was decent from mid-range.

I'm not gonna lie to you-Trinity's game was kind of ugly. They lost most of their games by a wide margin. Very few games were even within a 10 point difference, which is still pretty bad.

I (Ian Silverstein), starting small forward, want to lead the team to victory. I was once nicknamed the "rebound machine", because I was able to get boards. I can still do it. I'm not going to make myself sound like LeBron James now, because I am not THAT good. But, I can shoot mid-range shots, and get rebounds. Plus, I will make a 3-pointer every once in a while. But the reason I feel like I can lead the team to victory is because of my attitude. In fact, I only averaged 2 points a game that season.

I feel like I have the attitude to take control of a team. When I'm on the court, or even on the bench, I feel like a coach, telling each other to communicate better and stuff like that. My goal this year: to make sure the team doesn't lose more than 7 games. I have a good team with me to achieve that goal.

My fellow teammate, Kenneth, is a player who reminds me of Amar'e Stoudemire because he has a nice game, but not the BEST game you'll ever see. I'm kinda like that, too. I'm no Jordan, but I'm also no Scalabrine. That's also how Kenneth is, and a few of my other teammates. We are a solid team, and we can make the playoffs this season if we put 110% effort into every single game and practice.

All I can say is that I'm really pumped for this season, and I can't wait to see how the team and I do this season.